Connecting at Paloma Community Church is done through our Paloma 101, 201, and 301 classes. In order to be considered for church membership one must complete Paloma 101, which is a workshop that communicates the vision, mission, and context of implementing the core values of living, growing, and serving both individually and collectively. Paloma 101 is summarized with the statement that this workshop is designed for those who aspire to connect and strategically become an active participant in the vision and mission of the church.

Paloma 201

Is the next step in the assimilation process. It has been created for those who aspire to serve in a specific role in the church and the community. Paloma 201 involves personality assessments along with the various tools necessary to empower people to use their gifts and talents effectively in serving others in the church and community.

Paloma 301

Is designed for those who aspire to lead. It is an ongoing leadership curriculum to empower those who have a hunger to lead others both personally and professionally. The mentorship of 301 is committed to the belief in the Life-long Leadership Journey, and that we are designed by God to grow and influence others in a positive context that brings glory to God. We believe that the natural result of spiritual growth is to bear fruit, impacting our families and community. Paloma 301 is designed to create an environment of personal and professional growth.