Jim Ball

Lead Pastor

Jim Ball is the Pastor and Executive Director of the Paloma Sports Complex and the President of The Joshua Principle a firm that specializes in human productivity and achievement. He has been working with and mentoring people in the area of personal growth and human productivity since 1990. His professional responsibilities have included developing mission, strategy and business plan objectives for non-profits and businesses.

Jim has worked with companies like Toyota Financial Services, BMO/Harris Bank, Rayhon’s Financial Solutions, Catholic Healthcare West, the Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley, Strong Tower Insurance Group, and Physicians Mutual Insurance Company.

Jim has been married to his wife Janet since 1990 and they have three children. Jim’s education is in Theology and Leadership. He has both a Bachelor of Arts and a master’s degree from Lee University.

Frank Charmoli

Executive Pastor

Frank Charmoli is the Executive Pastor of Paloma Community Church. Frank does a lot behind the scenes and focuses on the daily operations with Pastor Jim. Frank has been in full-time ministry since 2012. From youth, young adults, men’s ministry and Celebrate Recovery, Frank has a passion to see men and women become free in Christ and find their true purpose. Frank is also very passionate about the next generation. Frank not only wants to see the next generation rise up to lead the church into the future but every believer to finish well, faithful to Jesus.

Pastor Frank served in the Marine Corps, Navy Reserve, and Air Force Reserve for nearly 8 years. He was a city firefighter and a police officer who retired in 2011 as a Sergeant. Frank is a firm supporter of our military men and women as well as all of our public safety members.

Frank has four children and enjoys spending time with his children, Karate, working out, fishing, pickleball, and Diamondbacks baseball. Frank holds a bachelor’s degree from Liberty University, a master’s degree from Liberty University Theological Seminary, and a Master’s in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University.

Jared Ball

Technical Producer

Jared is Pastor Jim’s committed and hard-working Technical Director that always knows what to do. He creates and displays the slideshow each week and keeps the pastor on point. Although he may be quiet, he truly cares about making the best experience for others. He’s always bent on being critical and truthful, even if it hurts.  

Jared is currently majoring as a computer programmer in college and enjoys acting, writing, drawing, and editing. He has provided excellent service and craftsmanship for companies like Harkins Theatre and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. Jared also hobbies in Olympic Taekwondo.

Josh Bakken

Executive Chef

Josh Bakken is the Executive Chef of Paloma Community Church and the owner of The Local Caterer. With over 14 years of experience in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry, Josh has a passion to serve the community with his vast knowledge of various cuisines and different cooking techniques to bring people together at the dinner table. Josh opened The Local Caterer in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic and has seen catering thrive because he loves to serve others.

Originally from Wisconsin, Josh moved to Arizona in 2007.  It was in 2007 that Josh would meet his future wife Kasandra. In 2018 they married becoming husband and wife. Not long after they welcomed a daughter and then a son. Both Josh and Kasandra are very involved at Paloma along with their children.

Josh has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering, Culinary Arts, and Business Management. Josh enjoys playing pickleball, video games, and spending time with his family.

If you are interested in The Local Caterer please check out their website at thelocalcaterer.com